Vermiculite Feedstuffs


Naturally ahead in poultry gut health!

VermiFEED is a well-defined, multi-species synbiotic product that promotes a beneficial gut microflora through the combined action of carefully selected probiotic microorganisms and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides.

VermiFEED is designed to improve gut health and to make day old chicks and birds of all ages more resistant to pathogens.



An improved gut microflora is known to play a significant role in protecting day old chicks and birds of all ages against colonization by pathogenic bacteria.

Under commercial conditions a great deal of effort is placed in sanitary practices.

For example, preventive measures at the hatchery to protect day old chicks from early exposure to pathogens.

However, sanitary practices also reduce the number of beneficial bacteria from the environment leaving day old chicks vulnerable to intestinal opportunistic pathogens.

VermiFEED will help the bird to establish and maintain a beneficial gut microflora through the synergistic action of probiotics and prebiotics leading to improved parameters and increased profits.



The probiotic strains used in VermiFEED were specifically selected for their ability to maintain a healthy gut microbial population under challenging environmental conditions.

The prebiotic fructooligosaccharides serve as a nutrient source for beneficial bacteria.

VermiFEED demonstrated the best efficacy in the inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms which is based on mechanisms like:

  • Acidification of the gut
  • pH reduction
  • Production of antimicrobial substances
  • Competition with pathogenic bacteria for space, intestinal attachment sites and nutrients
  • Modulation of the immune system



  • Fast establishment of a beneficial gut microflora
  • Inhibition of enteric pathogens
  • Improved weight gain
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Decreased mortality
  • No negative side effects, no withdrawal times



VermiFEED is packed in 10 kg polyethylene bags.



Shelf life of VermiFEED is 36 months.



  • Products should be stored in a packed form in covered dry storage facilities in conditions that do not allow its moisture and dirt.
  • Stacking height should not exceed 2 m.



Shipment is made by any means of transport on request.



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