Mission, Goals and Valuables



To create a global vermiculite market where people will be able to enjoy high quality and the access to a wide range of vermiculite products, regardless the geographical factor.


We produce the world's best vermiculite based products that enable:

  • Society - to improve the quality of people life, setting trading culture and standards of corporate social responsibility
  • Clients - to enjoy each purchase
  • Partners - to build long-term reliable and open relationship
  • Personnel - to constantly evolve, participating with our team in the company's life and give an adequate assessment of personal contribution
  • Investors - to have physical and psychological dividends from ownership of best vermiculite company in the world


We were created to turn eco-friendly natural vermiculite into the benefit of mankind!

Our mission is closely connected with our strategic goals, values ​​and statements reflecting the nature of the company and behavior that help us do every day more brightly and more useful.





• Maintaining leadership in the Central Asian vermiculite market

• Active integration into the world market vermiculite

• Achieving advanced level of personnel qualification



• Efficient management of resources and costs

• Continuous quality improvement

• Development of a corporate culture focused on results achievement



• Implementation of advanced flexible technologies of manufacturing of vermiculite based products

• Quick response production strategy to market demand

• Provide consumers with vermiculite based products conforming to international standards of safety and ecology


The ability to create the future is inside each of us.


In our company, the project of building this future is formulated in the main goal and values, positioning ideas and working principles. Our corporate goal reflects the hopes and aspirations of the company.


Our values tell the world about the beliefs of BI VERMICULITE GROUP and the positive role we want to play in people's lives.


Our positioning explains the basis on which we build our behavior, and how we evaluate our progress.




Our beliefs and standards of behavior, we adhere, form our values. We understand that work is appreciated beyond words. Therefore, we are guided by the following values​​:

1. We appreciate your trust.

2. We are responsible for the success.

3. We work easily.

4. We are open to all new things.

5. We tell the truth.

6. We are driven by the heart and mind.

7. We discuss. We solve. We do.


The measure of our achievements is our ultimate goal - to become the undisputed leader in the manufacturing of products based on vermiculite.


Our customer is above all for us.


We listen, we watch, we learn.


We know what pleases him, what excites him, because we ourselves are customers.


We produce high quality products based on vermiculite, in which you can be sure of.


We work with soul!


We believe that differ from others with our better quality.


We constantly seek new ideas, improve our endeavor, we develop relationships with our partners, so that the world around us is getting better.


We will be able say that we have achieved the undisputed leadership in the eyes of our customers, when we become:

  • The best choice - for consumers;
  • The indispensable partner - for clients;
  • The most desirable partner - for mergers and alliances;
  • The best place to work - for employees;
  • The object of investments ensuring sustainable growth - for investors.

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