Our Business Style


To achieve the trust of our clients, customers, and business partners of has become our habit, "a second nature". Each member of the BI VERMICULITE GROUP makes a conscious effort and shows a strong commitment to fulfill properly their promises.



In our work we adhere not only to 7 core values ​​of our company, but also to 10 rules of doing business. These rules reflect the values ​​of our company and, in particular, the most important of them - trust.

1. Product safety.

2. Fair Marketing.

3. Fair and equal treatment of people.

4. Adherence to the principles of the free market.

5. Compliance with the principle of fair competition.

6. Environmental protection.

7. Honest relations with the government.

8. Honest maintaining accountancy books and financial reporting.

9. Refusal to use insider information.

10. Full loyalty to BI VERMICULITE GROUP.



Our company has earned an excellent reputation due to the fact that we follow the rules and respects own values. It is our style of business. That's why BI VERMICULITE GROUP is so highly valued in the market. We are proud of it.


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