Benefits Package

BI VERMICULITE GROUP takes care of proper rest and health of the employees, the development of new aspects of the personality and talents of each employee.



We believe that only long term investments will yield fruit in terms of benefits and tangible profits to BI VERMICULITE GROUP in the world. We consider such investments as a care about the health of our colleagues and improvement of their professional and personal qualities.

Caring about our staff increases loyalty and dedication of our employees, and raises the importance of self-confidence of every member of our large multinational friendly family.



Each employee can count on getting individual social package formed according to:

  • Work experience in BI VERMICULITE GROUP;
  • Indicators of his successful work.

Individual benefits package is for him an additional social guarantee and support.


Our employees have the opportunity to:

  • improve the skills and get a second higher education, followed up by work with the specialty;
  • receive benefits when purchasing products by BI VERMICULITE GROUP.

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