OSH Policy


BI VERMICULITE GROUP is a global manufacturing company working to achieve its strategic goal to be an indisputable leader in the manufacturing of products based on vermiculite.

BI VERMICULITE GROUP is guided by internationally recognized business principles.


We consider the Occupational Health and Safety Management System as an integral part of our production activities, and we strive:


  • To carry out the activities on Occupational Health and Safety Management within the framework of the Uzbek legislation, OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements and corporate requirements of BI VERMICULITE GROUP;
  • To improve systematically the primary and secondary processes of manufacturing and management to enhance continuously the Occupational Health and Safety management;
  • In a timely manner to detect hazards, to assess corporate risks , to conduct a continued effort to reduce them to prevent possible negative consequences for the occupational safety;
  • To conduct rigorous systematic control of Occupational Health and Safety indicators to ensure the operations management and analysis of the company's activity;
  • To improve constantly the complex of preventive measures to avert the possibility of accidents and, should they arise - to take measures to eliminate the negative consequences;
  • To conduct regular training on necessary knowledge for safe work to minimize the risks to health of employees.

We declare our commitment to the principles of the international standard OHSAS 18001:2007 and corporate requirements BI VERMICULITE GROUP for occupational health and safety.

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