Quality Policy

  • Our goal is to provide products with the highest and stable quality and safety, anticipated by our customers. This is achieved via:
    • Quality requirements inherent in the design of our products and manufacturing processes;
    • Commitment of each employee to quality requirements;
    • Efficient and continuously improving quality management system and manufacturing of safety products.


  • We provide our customers superior knowledge and understanding of their expectations. For every our employee the highest priority is to do all processes with the conformity of the requirements of customers in terms quality and safety of products.


  • Management of the company guarantees the provision of facilities and staff, contributing to solving problems ensuring the functioning of the quality and safety management systems in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS.
  • An efficient, documented, updated constantly improving quality and safety management system provides constant achievement of this Policy, within the framework of Uzbek legislation, as well as mutually agreed customer requirements related to the product quality and safety.
  • Every employee of the company knows and adheres to the requirements of this Policy.

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