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In regularly maintained selection of skilled and novice workers, we require not only education and professional experience of applicants, but also their personal qualities. In applicants we look for: 

  • High motivation to learn and further professional and career development;

  • Ability of being flexible and establishing long term relationships with both colleagues and partners, as well as with customers;

  • Ability to work equally well independently and in teams;

  • Desire to adhere to the highest professional standards in their work.


Nowadays we have  open vacancies listed below. If you are interested in any vacancy, then fill in the application form. This is the first step for participation in our contest.

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Job Title


Work Experience

Additional Requirements


Sales Manager

University Degree

2 years in sales

Female. Up to 35 years. Knowledge of sales techniques. Good negotiation skills. Advanced PC user. Sociability, result-oriented.

Analysis and monitoring of the market;


Tracking of contracts;

Active search for clients;

Execution of sales plans.

Production Manager

University Degree

2 years in production

Male. Up to 50 years. Excellent knowledge of the manufacturing of construction materials. Advanced PC user. Sociability, responsibility, advertence.

Analysis of the availability of entrusted goods (deficit, surplus);

Placing orders to production;

Calculate the cost of the product;

Maintain all correspondence.

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