About Us

BI VERMICULITE GROUP is one of the largest vermiculite mine-mill operations factories, engaged in the mining of vermiculite ore and manufacturing of a wide range of products based on vermiculite in Asia.


Corporate Birthday: May 22, 2009.


Place of Birth: Tashkent, Uzbekistan!


Company founders: People who have extensive experience in the mining, manufacturing and marketing of vermiculite and products based on it.



Initial investments: ideas, enthusiasm and a great desire to create a modern and dynamic company.


Managing structure of BI VERMICULITE GROUP is as follows:


Nowadays, our Group includes:

(1) VERMI SERVIS Subsidiary Company - vermiculite mine-mill (concentrator) operations factory,

(2) DOIR SAVDO LLC - commerical and industrial company,

(3) ILKASADO GROUP LLC - an investment company,

(4) GREEN WAY TRANS - trans logistic company.



The range of products manufactured by BI VERMICULITE GROUP covers almost the entire spectrum of vermiculite market:

  • Vermiculite concentrate;
  • Exfoliated vermiculite;
  • Heat and sound insulating plasters;
  • Heat and sound insulating floors;
  • Fire-resistant, heat and sound insulating boards;
  • Heat and sound insulating light slabs;
  • Flame retardant mixtures;
  • Fire-resistant paints;
  • Vermiculite fertilizers;
  • Vermiculite feed additives;
  • Industrial cold warehouses, and etc.


One of our priority tasks is to continuously improve the quality of our products and services.


Our own laboratory, in accordance with the implemented quality system, provides integrated control of the entire production cycle. All products are certified. The numerous victories in the Uzbek and international contests confirm the high quality of our products.


BI VERMICULITE GROUP products passed a series of fire-fighting, thermal and other tests and meet the sanitary and environmental standards.


In accordance with this, we can say that our products are up to date and necessary for the development of the fields related to the use of such materials.


But the major potential of the company has been and still is our staff that numbers over 50 people.


All this has allowed us to develop into a serious player in the vermiculite market. For the past 7 years BI VERMICULITE GROUP have become a Central Asian leader in the manufacturing of vermiculite and products based on it. Most importantly - we have managed to earn our customers' trust!


BI VERMICULITE GROUP stands for a sustainable development and progress. We have not been standing still, but trying to respond to the growing needs of our customers and keeping track of the latest changes and innovations on the market of vermiculite.



Our products have become known abroad: we entered into the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey, UAE, and etc. We continue to explore new territories and produce new products.


We are always open to new partnership!




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