Our Leisure

It has became a tradition for BI VERMICULITE GROUP to celebrate the following corporate events:

  • The New Year on December 31,
  • Mothers' Day on March 8,
  • and our professional holiday - the Day of vermiculite industry, which we celebrate on September 5.

We do not get together just to have a good rest and fun. We get to know each other, and thus better understand and treat each other, and work as a team.

In a relaxed atmosphere it is easy to see our colleagues' hidden talents, reveal their positive qualities and all these are our common good. Because only a cohesive and friendly staff, united team can achieve great success in any field! We are like a family!

Whatever the season we like to spend time outdoors. We go on nature! Bonfire, guitar, volleyball and football are our favorite outdoor games.

Among us are fans of extreme sports. In a healthy body - healthy mind!


Futsal tournament is our favorite contest. Cup is awarded to the winning team, medals and souvenirs for others.

To many events our staff travel with their families. This allows a deeper understanding of each other and interact fruitfully at work.

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