Career Opportunities



What gives you BI VERMICULITE GROUP in your carrier?

  • Growth and new opportunities for self-perfection.
  • Chance to:

- Work with professionals who know and love their job,

- Continue their way,

- Determine the course and direction of corporate development in the future.


For whom

  • For growth seeking people.
  • For specialists at the beginning of their career path.
  • For experienced professionals.
  • For those who do not rest on their laurels and but strive for more.


Whom we are looking for

  • Professionals - self-motivated and focused on the highest results.
  • Innovators - bright minded and willing to change the world.
  • Open for communication - enjoying working with different people. Different nationalities. Different cultures. Different worldviews.
  • Self-confident, but who can listen to others. Initiative and responsible who trust the professionalism of colleagues.
  • Anyone committed to a non-trivial tasks, and self-actualization, who assesses the ability of learning and development above any compensation.


Who we are

  • BI VERMICULITE GROUP - dynamic brand.
  • We do our job and do it professionally.
  • We are responsible for our products.
  • We are a team.


BI VERMICULITE GROUP is ready to offer you to:

  • Move forward together!
  • Work professionally!
  • Take more pleasure in job!
  • Conquer new heights together!

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