HR Policy

HR Policy of our company is aimed at strengthening the leading position of BI VERMICULITE GROUP in the market of products based on vermiculite and achieving of strategic goals through the creation, development and promotion of a professional team.


Education and professional development

We offer employees the opportunities for professional development:

  • Individual training in workshops, seminars, training courses and retraining;
  • Participation in conferences;
  • Training in the workplace.


From an employee who has been trained, we expect:

  • Implementation of the acquired knowledge in their activity;
  • New and effective solutions to professional challenges.


Individual approach

We appreciate the work of each employee. Unlocking the potential of the individual is the success of the company. We want our employees to make the most of their knowledge, skills and personal qualities. Therefore the staff movements and salaries in our company depend only on the level of achievements of the employee and not on the duration of work and position held.


Team spirit

We believe that the goals can only be achieved together. We are united by interesting work and love for the company.


We develop corporate culture that promotes mutual benefit, exchange of experience, knowledge and a broad vision of the approaches to the solution of issues.


We set challenging tasks that increases the cohesion and involvement of employees in the work, and contributes to the collective self-realization of each employee.


Employee care

We create good working conditions for our staff.


On the premises there is a dining room that can provide hot meals for all our employees.


We pay special attention to the health of the staff. At the factory operates a health center, where employees can get quality medical care.


All employees undergo an initial medical examination when applying for a job, and then periodic inspections throughout the work in the company. This allows us to monitor the health status and identify jobs and workloads for each employee.


We care for the occupational safety. Employees are instructed and trained necessary for the safe performance of their duties.

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